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AWS Vs Azure Vs GCP – The Cloud Platform of Your Choice?

AWS Vs Azure Vs GCP

Want to grab the best cloud platform? Let’s compare AWS GCP and Azure. You are in luck; you are spotted at the right place.AWS is the mega-giant in the cloud industry as it provides better functionality and features.

Now enterprises use cloud platforms to make their businesses more secure, accessible, and scaleable websites.

But AWS Azure GCP has some similar features like autoscaling, self-service, security, and provisioning.

Let’s deep dive into AWS vs Azure vs GCP comparison on different key factors.

How can you select the best cloud platform for your business?

When choosing Azure vs GCP vs AWS cloud service providers, there are several factors to consider. Consider your reason for needing cloud services. Each provider offers different services. GCP has a strong reputation for its big data and machine learning capabilities. AWS, on the other hand, is well-known for its broad range of services and robust infrastructure. Azure has a strong offering to integrate with Microsoft applications and services. Depending on your specific needs, one provider may be a better fit than others.

All three providers have robust service level agreements (SLAs) and are highly reliable. However, there may be slight differences in terms of uptime and availability that could impact your business. Researching and comparing each provider’s track record is important to ensure they meet your requirements.

AWS vs Azure vs GCP comparison based on a price:

Pricing chart that affects your decision to select a cloud-based service.

Machine Type Small Instances with 8Gb Ram and 2 virtual CPU cost Largest Instance
AWS  69 USD per month 128vcpu and 3.84 TB RAM It will cost USD 3.97/hour.
Azure 70 USD per month It offers 3.89 TB RAM and 128 vCPUs will cost you 6.79 USD per hour a day.
GCP 52 USD per month 3.75 TB RAM and 160 vCPUs will cost you USD 5.32/hour.


Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS. It appears this is the oldest and the most established cloud provider, having been lost back in 2006. Offers a wide range of computing, storage, and databases. It is the most popular cloud provider today with the largest Market share.

AWS provide paid cloud computing service on a paid subscription. Amazon web service is a branch of is the most trustable and reliable cloud provider.

Aws launched (EC2), (Amazon S3) in 2006. And launched Elastic Block Store and services like Content delivery network (CDN) and the AWS Cloud Computing Service have 200+ active services.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s cloud computing service is named Azure and was launched in 2010. Provide reliable Cloud Computing platform services to businesses. In 2014 Azure’s name was changed to ‘Microsoft Azure.’Microsoft Azure adds some new services and features. Microsoft works hard to advance and stay ahead of its competitors.

Microsoft focuses on hybrid cloud communities, allowing customers to connect on-premises interceptors with Azure services.

Microsoft is available in more than 140+ countries which is a big deal. Azure offers a flexible platform that is open to various technologies, making it more inclusive and accessible for all users.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google provides a google cloud platform service. Google makes its place with research and open-source technology. Because Google is the hub of information and research, that gives him a competitive edge. Many companies depend on the google cloud platform as they trust GCP and its innovative approach. Google was publicly available in 2010.

Google offers big data, networking, computing, google workspace, and much more. GCP is a supportive cloud service provider, but Google is the smallest cloud provider compared to AWS and Azure.

Aws Azure Google comparison on tools and services

The AWS Azure GCP service comparison chart is given below:

Compute Services

Virtual Machine Scale Sets  AWS Beanstalk  Docker Container Registry
Function-as-a-service (FaaS) AWS Fargate App Engine
Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) Elastic Load Balancing Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
Virtual Machines Compute Engine Amazon Lightsail Functions
Container Instances Batch AWS Batch Instant Groups
Azure Batch AWS Serverless Application Repository Compute Engine
Service Fabric Amazon EC2 Knative
Azure Container Service (AKS) Amazon EC2 Auto-Scaling
Cloud Services Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

AWS Azure and Google Cloud market share

Aws is the first choice for businesses or companies. They invest in AWS and have the maximum market share value. In the fourth quarter of 2023, Aws got 32% of the whole market. Microsoft Azure takes 23% market share and Google just 10% of the market share, according to

Azure vs GCP vs AWS has a monopoly on the whole market as they use data analytics, cloud-native development, and other services.

Top customer of  AWS Azure GCP service comparison

A list of AWS Azure GCP customer lists. Monthly active users of Azure are 8.1 million. Microsoft Azure had 28,750,000 monthly users in 2023.GCP has 2,004,820 users in a month. Let’s see the top customers of these 3 clouds. Let’s compare AWS GCP and Azure customers.

Netflix Verizon Paypal
LinkedIn MSI Computer Twitter
Facebook CenturyLink Etsy
Coca Cola NTT America Blue Apron
BBC Intel Sky
Turner Broadcasting News Corp Gojek
Adobe Wikimedia Foundation Magalu
Coursera LG Electronics King

Compare AWS Azure and Google Cloud platforms on a storage service base

Storage Services Compared to Cloud Platforms

Azure  AWS GCP 
File Storage Elastic File System (EFS) Transfer service
Queue Storage Simple Storage Service (S3) Cloud storage
Blob Storage Storage Gateway Transfer Appliance
Disk Storage Snowmobile Persistent
Data Lake Store Snowball
Elastic Block Storage (EBS

                                  AWS Azure Google comparison

Details Azure AWS GCP
File Storage Azure Files EFS ZFS and Avere
Serverless computing Functions a) Lambda

b)Serverless Application Repository

Google Cloud Functions
Documentation High quality Best in class High quality
Caching Redis Cache Elastic Cache Cloud CDN
Compliance Azure Trust Center AWS CloudHSM Google Cloud Platform Security
Load Balancing Load Balancing for Azure Elastic Load Balancing Cloud Load Balancing
Notifications Azure Notification Hub Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) None
Security Azure Security Center AWS Security Hub Cloud Security Command Center

Difference between AWS and Azure

Aws and Azure are the best services. Here is a difference between AWS and Azure.

Azure AWS
Hybrid cloud Global reach
Guaranteed support for open source Flexible and support open source
Optimal for developers and startups Best for big companies /organizations
Easily Integrate  with Microsoft services and tools Large-scale/extensive offers
2nd spot reserved  Dominant market position
Support Machine Learning

a) Azure Bot Service

b)Cognitive Services

Support Machine Learning



Database service azure

a)Data Warehouse

b)Redis Cache

c)Server Stretch Database

d)Table Storage

e) SQL Database

f) Database for MySQL

g) Database for PostgreSQL

h) Data Factory

 Database service AWS

a)Database Migration Service



d) RDS

e) ElastiCache


g) Redshift

Available 60+ regions Available in 24 regions
Get a 75 % discount if you commit to using it for one to three years. More than 75% discount and first-year free trial if committed to connecting for one to three years.


We compare cloud platforms AWS, Azure, and GCP are all great options, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. When choosing a cloud platform, it is important to consider your business needs and requirements, as well as factors such as global presence, pricing, security features, and machine learning capabilities. With the right choice, you can take your business to the next level and stay ahead of the competition.