Before you scroll past, let's discuss
what is cloud migration…

“It is moving or migrating company's data, digital assets, databases, IT infrastructure, and other
resources to the cloud”


It’s not just about adopting the technology anymore, it’s about leaving the outdated and inefficient processes behind to enter the new future


Why Cloud?

With cloud migration, comes agility, flexibility, cost-reduction, and enhanced security. Here are some of the benefits companies enjoy after transitioning to cloud computing.

  • Agility, flexibility, and scalability

    Cloud makes it faster, easier and cheaper to support larger workloads and scale to thousands of users. Forget about purchasing more physical servers, software licenses, and network equipment.

  • Security and compliance

    With cloud, businesses don’t need an extra layer of security to protect their sensitive data. Security and compliance are built in at the core of all cloud environments.

  • Accelerated digital transformation

    Safe, compliant, and borderless access to data and resources enables businesses to achieve digital transformation. A cloud-first approach leads to faster growth and immediate business results.

  • Workload management and optimization

    Cloud enhances intelligent workload placement that is based on transparent business parameters. Businesses spend less on hiring operational talent and focus more on innovation.



Over 30 percent of cloud spent goes to
waste due to:

  • Unwanted costs due to the idle instances and unattached volumes
  • Inefficient cloud cost
  • Lack of strategy
  • Vendor lock-in

Why is LogicEra Azure cloud
migration trusted by leading businesses around the globe?

How we can help make it a seamless transition

Cloud strategy and planning

We assess each business’ environment and build a business case and strategy exclusive to their needs and requirements.

End-to-end cloud migration on azure

We provide end-to-end cloud migration services and carry out migration on Azure with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations at the lowest possible cost in the shortest period of time.

Management and optimization

We ensure that the migration is optimized, secured, and easily manageable with as fewer resources as possible.

Security and compliance

We make sure to take responsibility for the security and compliance of your data and follow the guidelines laid down by HIPAA and GDPR strictly

Modernising ShipServ for Greater Agility and Innovation

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Modernising ShipServ for Greater Agility and Innovation

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