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How Does Cloud Migration help your Automotive Business: Migrate to Cloud with LogicEra!


Welcome to yet another post from our weekly series, which is usually based on how cloud computing helps different verticals in meeting industry-specific challenges and emerging as the winner of the time. In our previous post, we covered cloud migrations for the Healthcare industry (LINK: Healthcare Business and Not on Cloud: Yet Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Make that Move, NOW!) and discussed how Healthcare companies are leveraging the power of the cloud to streamline data access, improve security, enhance backup & disaster recovery, reduce costs, etc. In this post, we will discuss how cloud migration is helping automotive businesses in achieving improved scalability, better vehicle engineering, faster time to market, uninterrupted network services, reduced costs, and much more.

One of the main factors the success of an automotive company is based on is making available the vehicle the consumer is longing for. The cloud enables you to immediately search your inventories and remain connected that in turn helps you make more conversions and build customers’ trust in you. Whether it is vehicle engineering, scaling of resources, employing advanced analytics, or aftermarket solutions, the cloud helps you build your business better from start to finish. Perhaps, this is the reason why the automotive cloud computing market size is growing fast.

According to recent market research conducted by Adroit Market Research, the global market size for cloud computing in the automotive industry is expected to reach USD 9.62 billion by 2025.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for cloud even more. Automotive companies need the cloud and they need it urgently. Here are the top seven ways cloud migration is helping automotive businesses in achieving better returns on investment (ROI) and time to value (TTV).

#1: Improved Scalability

The shift from the legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud has resulted in the shift of your expenditure pattern from the capital to the operating. The automotive companies can now quickly scale their IT resources up or down based on their needs. They can quickly adjust to sudden, unexpected surges in the traffic without even needing to make huge upfront investments.

#2: Better Vehicle Engineering

The advanced analytic capabilities offered by the cloud make it is easier for you to adapt to the dynamic market demands by allowing your design teams to deliver exactly what the consumers long for. Eventually, it will result in less necessary hardware and even better vehicle engineering.

#3: Faster Time to Market

Shortages in your existing group can thwart the automotive companies from quickly & easily rolling out the alterations across locations. On the contrary, provisioning, replication, and decommissioning of cloud services could be achieved instantly allowing them to execute the changes easily and speedily.

#4: Cost Reduction

There are two main ways automotive companies can reduce costs through the cloud:

  • They need to pay only for what they use
  • They need not invest huge on IT hardware management that includes up-front costs, costs involved in hardware repair & depreciation, labor costs, and power consumption costs.

#5: The Automotive Suppliers

The cloud is helping the automotive suppliers in driving out expenses from their operations. Whether it is maximizing the uptime, optimizing the machine productivity, or enhancing first-time quality, the automotive suppliers can achieve all these through the analytic capabilities offered by the cloud.

The better & faster communication and collaboration enabled by the cloud due to its common service interface helps suppliers & manufacturers in easily sharing data & information. This connectivity enables higher reflectivity in management & shipping that in turn leads to resourceful product development.

#6: The Retailing Part

By monitoring consumer behavior in real-time with the help of advanced analytics, the retailers can gather more comprehensive consumer insights. This data that comes from sources like online vehicle configurations, maintenance records, dealership sales, social media, etc. can help the automotive companies in not only making conversions easily but also increasing the customer trust.

#7: The Safety Features

Through cloud computing, automotive companies are also able to develop safer vehicles. With the cloud, so many drive-assist technologies have already been executed and the rest are on the horizon. Some of these safety features include lane departure warning systems, pre-collision warnings, driver attentiveness monitoring, and hands-free parking assistance.

The Final Words

So, these were a few ways cloud computing is benefitting specifically the automotive businesses. There are several other benefits of the cloud that any business and every business can take advantage of such as backup & disaster recovery, improved operational resilience, security, agility, flexibility, sustainability, etc.

However, to reap the maximum benefit from your cloud, you must carry out thorough research and create an effective cloud migration strategy before you move to the cloud. If you think you need supplemental support you can contact an MSP as most of them provide cloud migrations for the automotive industry as well.

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