October 07, 2022 Blog

How Does Cloud Migration help your Logistics Business : Migrate to Cloud with LogicEra

Cloud Migration For Logistics Business

Logistic innovators look forward to getting rid of the rigid legacy on-prem applications and adapting a modern, flexible, end-to-end solution that matches the fast pace and dynamics of the business environment today.

Which ultimately concludes moving to the cloud. A 2018 survey by IDC reported that 75% of companies feel that the cloud is critical to delivering supply chain excellence both today and in the future.

Cloud provides a wealth of benefits to logistics businesses, including low upfront costs, secure access, faster deployments, simplified integration, continuous upgrades, and effortless scalability.

Capabilities of cloud computing in logistics

Logistics require a higher level of flexibility and scalable infrastructure. Capgemini Consulting had reported the top challenges faced by logistics companies, which among the biggest challenges faced are in everyday operations i.e. transportation costs, business process, customer service, and supply chain visibility. The majority of which are solvable with cloud computing. There are two main opportunities here:

Tech Opportunities

  • Connectivity – Accurate and real-time visibility for dynamic, interactive, and secure supply chain management
  • Unification – Borderless collaboration within multi-tenant environments accessible via a single gateway
  • Scalability – Seamless migration and development of new modules, process optimization, and user onboarding
  • Rapidness – Enhanced response to supply chain disruption, last-mile postponement, and increased demand for logistics services

Business Opportunities

  • Cost reduction – Scalable on-demand IT infrastructure maintained and supported by a cloud provider
  • Business intelligence – actionable insights for data-driven decision-making and automated execution
  • Process acceleration – Rapid updates and integration of logistics operations with customer businesses via open APIs
  • Customer satisfaction – Targeting of solutions to exact customer needs

Logistics is part of a bigger supply chain circle. Cloud is the ideal intersection of various systems that reinforce each other for transparent and effective processes.

LogicEra is a cloud service provider in UAE, offering cloud migration for logistics and more. We are currently offering a Free POC, contact us to avail of the offer.

Cloud Testing Tools

Here’s a list of the most popular cloud testing tools:

  1. AppPerfect
  2. Cloud Assault
  3. CloudTestGo
  4. HP LoadRunner
  5. Jmeter
  6. Keynote
  7. LoadStorm
  8. Nessus
  9. Nmap
  10. Parasoft SOAtest
  11. SOASTA
  12. Wireshark

How LogicEra can help?

Design, delivery, and operational support of compute storage, and virtual network infrastructure with LogicEra, a managed IT services provider.

Helping you monitor and manage system software, service consumption, and infrastructure configurations using proven processes and tools. Our managed services offerings include reducing uncontrolled consumption.