September 04, 2022 Blog

How Free POC & Consultation by LogicEra Ensures a Successful Cloud Migration?

Free POC & Consultation Ensures Successful Cloud Migration

Through a Proof of Concept (POC) approach, you can expedite your cloud adaption journey as it allows you to apply cloud migration best practices and minimize unanticipated risks. Though we all know what POC is, still to brush up on your knowledge, here is its crisp definition.

“In cloud computing, a POC, or proof-of-concept, is a method in which a product or application is tested by the end-users in a virtual cloud environment.”

Now, that we have revised what POC is let’s move on to discuss how a POC can make your cloud migration safe, seamless, and successful.

Here are the top 6 ways a POC can help you in your cloud migration journey:

1. The Safest Approach

An efficient POC by your side can help you have an efficacious digital transformation and adopt new business processes easily. Making the right choice from the cloud services could be too confusing as a lot of them have similar features & functionalities. However, by providing you with a comprehensive risk-free approach, POC helps you explore each cloud service and build a solution that goes well with your business.

2. Testing the Ideas

Since every business is different and has different needs, we can’t apply one formula for the effective digital transformation of all. Through a POC, you can test all the ideas you have before applying them to production. It helps you execute your ideas and come across the outcomes well in advance.

3. Exploring the Technical Possibilities

You may be wondering whether and how certain activities or business processes will be handled by the solutions. With POC you needn’t worry about finding answers to such queries as it bestows you with thorough details of every technical possibility.

4. The Rollback

In the production environment, it is not easy to roll back any execution once it is launched. However, through POC, you can easily roll back if the desired outcome fails to convince you. You have full control to plug or unplug any service or component if that goes well with your business outcome.

5. Workloads Prioritization

A POC helps you have full clarity on every business, financial & technical fact, and dependency so that you could make an informed decision. You can put the best foot forward by identifying the midsized workloads that are neither too simple nor too complex.

6. Teams Makeover

Whether it is cloud migration or digital transformation, your teams need to adopt the new changes which may take some time. Your POC planning will help you overhaul your teams. You can get your teams familiar with transformation technologies to accelerate change adoption and deliver quality in the business outcome. Through POC, your teams get many opportunities to learn and develop new skills.

How Free POC & Consultation by LogicEra Can Help?

The free POC and consultation offered by LogicEra not only help you make your business more efficient but also help you save time, money, and energy. The Azure cloud migration services provider never keeps you busy with a discovery process that is unnecessarily expensive, complex, and extended. Instead, they help you migrate your applications and workloads to a cloud environment, where you can test for compatibility, coding issues, and much more. After detecting the errors and difficulties, the Azure trusted partner resolves them for you.

No matter how complicated the transformation and migration of your mission-critical applications, workloads, and servers are, the free POC by LogicEra ensures a successful migration. They help you create the right Azure cloud migration strategy.