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How LogicEra is creating Future ready Businesses across the World

How LogicEra is creating Future ready Businesses across the World

Is your business future-ready? No one knew the COVID-19 pandemic will hit the world and almost freeze it at once and that too for such a long time. Many businesses across the world underwent huge losses, some to the extent of getting shut down while some already got shut down or sold. However, those businesses that had a future-ready business model in place not only survived but also thrived in this time of colossal disruption.

By the way, what do you mean by a future-ready Business? Those who already have a future-ready business model perhaps know well what it is but those who do not have a future-ready business model may or may not know what it is. In this post, we will talk about:

  1. What is a future-ready business?
  2. Why is a future-ready business model so crucial?
  3. How is LogicEra creating future-ready businesses globally?
  4. LogicEra Cloud Migration Case Studies

What is a future-ready business?

In simple words, a future-ready business is one that’s well-prepared to deal with the challenges that may come it’s way. They have a well-thought-out business plan in place that they can adjust and update when required. Whether it is about embracing technology, upturning the bottom line, or setting apart the products & services, a future-ready business can easily & quickly address the evolving needs of a business.

Why is a future-ready business model so crucial?

The advantages of a future-ready business model are hidden in its definition. If your business is ready to overcome present and future challenges that may arise, it will not find it difficult to rebuild and reinforce resilience despite disruption.

A few things you need to consider to be future-ready are:

#1: Attitude: have a positive one

#2: Latest Technology: Embrace it

#3: Digital Transformation: Work toward it

#4: Detailed Strategy: Create one

#5: Trends & Uncertainties: Stay up-to-date and adapt accordingly

A future-ready business model ensures your employees can work, innovate, learn, and lead in any circumstance or market condition and keep giving you productivity.

How is cloud computing helping businesses become future-ready?

The evolving technology urges for digital transformation from every business, and that embracing the cloud is becoming crucial to surviving the disruption caused by it. Did you know, 94% of enterprises already use the cloud, and that cloud has become the new normal as far as IT solutions are concerned? Cloud services are not only more cost-effective than their traditional counterparts but also deliver automation, scalability, flexibility, and much more. The top 5 ways how cloud is making business future-ready are:

1. Supporting remote work and improving data access 2. Enabling businesses to access IT management capabilities remotely 24*7 3. Mitigating security risk 4. Helping businesses build IT resiliency into their business operations 5. Offering relevant data to make informed decisions

How is LogicEra creating future-ready businesses globally?

You can’t stay in your comfort zones for long, and sooner or later, you will have to leave your legacy IT infrastructure for more progressive technology. Of course, the cloud could be a bit complex, and switching to it all on your own can be intimidating too. But then, you can take the help of a Managed Services Provider (MSP) like LogicEra and not only migrate your infrastructure seamlessly & cost-effectively but also make your business more future-ready. Here are the top three ways, LogicEra helps your business thrive:

Way#1: Cloud Migration Blueprint

Creating a cloud migration strategy is quite crucial to have a smooth cloud migration journey. The lack of cloud expertise on your side might put your migration at risk. Due to unfamiliarity with your cloud environment, you may not know what to migrate, how to migrate, when to migrate, at what speed to migrate, and so on. With years of rich experience in handling the cloud for different clients across industries, LogicEra not only helps you easily work out all these but also helps you create a timeline for migration through which you can estimate the time and cost involved in moving to the cloud.

Way#2: Reduced Costs

By partnering with LogicEra for your cloud migration and management, you even cut your costs significantly as you don’t have to invest in building and consistently improving your in-house team for the cloud.

Way#3: 24*7 Support Services

With LogicEra, you can get all your cloud issues resolved as soon as possible as they provide 24*7 support services.

LogicEra Cloud Migration Case Studies

LogicEra has helped many businesses thrive through its IT services. Some of the LogicEra IT services case studies are:

Case Study#1: SHIPSERV

LogicEra helped SHIPSERV in overcoming the challenge of meeting market demands in real-time by revamping the CI/CD pipeline and the whole DevOps mechanism and enhancing the focus on technical solution architecture for serving the clients better. Read the full case study here!

Case Study#2: EFS Facilities Services

With its architectures and knowledge about licensing across Windows & Oracle Platform, LogicEra helped EFS Facilities Services in achieving lower TCO, better performance, and the availability of business-critical applications like Oracle’s JD Edwards even after data center modernization by successfully migrating their data center from private to public (Microsoft Azure). Read the full case study here!

Case Study#3: SEVEN SEAS

LogicEra helped SEVEN SEAS overcome its challenge of frequent downtime of IT services due to hardware failures and other issues by centralizing the data center in the cloud and eliminating the downtime they were facing due to location telecom issues and hardware failures. Read the full case study here!

Wrap Up

If you do not want to lag behind your competitors and fall prey to the rapidly evolving technology, embrace cloud computing today. If you are at all finding it difficult to move to the cloud, collaborate with LogiEra to experience a seamless digital transformation of your business.