October 01, 2022 Blog

Migrate To Cloud on Your Terms – Access Your Data Anywhere

Migrate To Cloud

Ideally, you don’t have much choice other than migrating to the cloud. One day or the other you will have to come out of your comfort zones and leave your heritage application infrastructure behind in the hunt for more advanced technology. Of course, adopting cloud solutions may involve a few obstacles and challenges. After all, you will be migrating your on-premise IT infrastructure, databases, and applications to the cloud, the challenges are bound to be there.

Among the main challenges of migrating to the cloud is the lack of relevant technical expertise on your side while the cloud solutions are complex to execute, manage and maintain as they have a huge variety of services right from the initial migration to the automation of business workflows in the cloud and so on. On top of it, the free support offered by most cloud service providers is too basic. This is why IT experts often recommend opting for the migration as a service or say outsourcing your cloud migration to a cloud migration service provider.

What is Migration as a Service or Managed IT Services?

Just now we talked about how challenging it could be to migrate to the cloud all on your own if your company lacks relevant technical expertise. However, there is a glut of cloud partners that provide Migration as a service i.e. they provide managed services for migrating to the cloud that includes migration, maintenance, support, and so on.

In short, migration as a service or managed IT services is the process in which a cloud partner handles various cloud management functions for you whether it is the timescale, services, or even the budget. Not just that, they also help minimize downtime or any kind of business disruption.

These managed services providers (MSPs) not only help you in getting rid of uncertainties but also take away the pain involved in moving your assets through a customized and thorough solution. All you need is the right cloud migration strategy that you can build in collaboration with your IT partner. However, make sure the MSP you will partner with for your cloud solutions must have years of experience in providing cloud migration services. It’s a big decision and you should refrain from taking chances by trusting anyone and everyone.

How Migration as a Service can benefit a Business?

The services that each MSP offers could be different. You should verify what services the one provides you are going to take services from based on your requirement. There are several benefits of managed services for cloud computing of which the top three are:

Benefit#1: The Right Cloud Migration Strategy

Building the right cloud migration strategy is the first and most crucial step of your cloud journey. You may not be accustomed to your cloud environment and might want to put everything onto the cloud as quickly as possible, which could be a colossal mistake and by doing so you may put your data at risk.

However, at the same time, an MSP can help you create the right cloud migration strategy, which is customized to meet your business requirements. The cloud expert support offered by most of the MSPs helps you understand what your cloud environment is and how you should implement it. There are several things such as how to migrate the data, what data to migrate initially & at what pace, and so on. A cloud expert provided by your IT partner helps you figure out all these apart from helping you create a migration timeline that in turn helps you estimate the cost and the time involved in cloud transformation.

Benefit#2: Reduced Costs

Outsourcing cloud services to MSPs can significantly cut the cost you invest in your IT Infrastructure. Instead of training your IT team on cloud services that could be considered expensive, you can hire experts from MSPs who have years of experience in managing clouds for several businesses. This is how you would not put your money at stake as results are guaranteed. Moreover, it saves you money in the long run as you need not spend time and money consistently on improving your in-house cloud team.

Benefit#3: 24*7 Support Services

Most of the MSPs provide 24*7 support services. So, whether it is 2 A.M midnight, or 2 P.M the afternoon, whatever issues you have about your organization’s cloud management services, you can contact your MSP’s support services and get the best possible resolution as soon as possible.

Wrapping Up

Is your legacy IT thwarting your business from booming high? Want to migrate to the cloud for its agility, scalability & flexibility but are concerned about the complexities it involves? Outsource your cloud migration services to an MSP and not only move your data & applications to the cloud seamlessly but also manage it cost-effectively as they provide also provide fully managed services that include everything whether it is migration, management, or maintenance of your cloud environment.