September 08, 2022 Blog

Thinking of Outsourcing Your Azure Database Migration? Here are a Few Things to Keep in Mind!

Azure Database Migration

No doubt, outsourcing Azure database migration is the best step you have taken if you want to get rid of unplanned & wasteful spending, overprovisioning of Azure services, and unsatisfactory service levels. Not every enterprise can easily comprehend the costs’ true scale or compare the consumption of the services to what is provisioned. Through managed database migration services, however, they can have better governance and greater visibility of their Azure database migration.

However, with dozens of Managed Services Providers (MSPs) in the market and each promising to be the best, it becomes difficult to settle on one you would outsource your Azure database migration. But then, if you know the main qualities of a trusted and reputed Microsoft Azure MSP, it wouldn’t be difficult to choose the best one.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the top 6 things you should keep in mind while outsourcing your Azure database migration to a consultant or an MSP. So, let’s get started.

1. Domain Knowledge and Expertise

Irrespective of whether you are outsourcing Azure database migration or its complete management, the MSP you are outsourcing these services to must be adept in all aspects of the Azure cloud. So, ensure to partner with an Azure Gold Partner, an MSP with cutting-edge competency status. Collaborate with the one that has all the key certifications and follows the Azure database migration best practices. They must have years of experience in not only planning and deploying but even the management of the Azure cloud.

2. Support Services

The expertise and skills they own are something that makes an MSP valuable. How they will communicate with you is imperative. Most MSPs have Account Managers who act as a single point of contact (SPOC) for you. Make sure you collaborate with an MSP that provides a SPOC, who will understand your business requirements well for ensuring the best results from your Azure database migration.

Confirm proactively about the support services they will offer. You may have a question about your Azure database migration or there may be an outage. The MSP must provide support services to tackle & resolve issues and answer your queries or questions. Most MSPs provide 24*7 support services through a range of channels such as email, chat, and phone.

3. The End-To-End Assistance

Not just the migration, an MSP can help you in your entire Azure journey. It is the pre-sales stage that most MSPs start working from for evaluating your database and finding out your requirements better. By auditing your existing database system & processes, your cloud objectives and business case are determined as well as the readiness of your database for the Azure cloud is evaluated by them. They also implement various best practices for the planning & migration of your database.

4. Cost Optimization

One of the main reasons why enterprises turn to MSPs is cost savings, and that it must be accomplished if you are outsourcing your Azure database migration. By deploying analytics, the MSPs help you discern your usage and predict your cloud demand respectively. So, you can easily right-size the solutions based on your needs and pay only for what you use. The MSP team also helps you in scaling up or down according to your evolving needs.

5. Provision of Required Services

An obvious one, you must enquire well about the services your prospective MSP offers. Confirm proactively whether or not they provide the services you need. You may also need monitoring & management services for your database on the Azure cloud. By finding out the catalog of services & solutions MSP provides, you can get an idea about how they will manage your Azure database migration & maintenance journey.

6. The Innovative Edge

Microsoft Azure consistently rolls out innovative products and services. You may require to do a lot of research and development to utilize these innovations. Your Azure MSP must comprehend these innovations well and help you in carrying on with the latest Azure cloud technology. Precisely, you should discuss the following with your prospective MSP:


More and more companies are switching to managed Azure database migration services to achieve ultimate security for their data and improve operations while cutting expenses. Perhaps, these are the reasons why Managed Services market is booming high. As depicted by a recent study, the Global Managed Services Market, which was valued at USD 152.05 billion in 2020, is expected to reach USD 274.20 billion by 2026. However, keep the six points we have discussed in mind while outsourcing your Azure database migration to reap maximum ROI (Return on Investment) and achieve better TTV (Time to Value).