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How Does Cloud Migration Help Government Entities: Migrate to Cloud with LogicEra!

How Does Cloud Migration Help Government Entities

Welcome to yet another post from our weekly series, which is usually based on how cloud computing helps different verticals in meeting industry-specific challenges and emerging as the winner of the time. In our previous post, we covered cloud migrations for the Pharmaceutical industry and discussed how Financial Services companies are leveraging the power of the cloud to offer distinguished customer experiences, enhance risk management, fight fraud, reduce costs, etc. In this post, we will discuss how cloud migration is helping Government Entities in enhancing security, increasing collaboration, reducing costs, and much more.

Digital transformation was anyway becoming crucial to surviving the ever-evolving and disruptive technology. The COVID-19 pandemic made it more of a necessity than a choice. However, among all those industries whose wheels kept turning amid the unremitting challenges of 2020, is the Financial Services industry as well. The accelerated adoption of digital technology like cloud computing helped the financial services workforce to not only continue the work but also serve its customers in a new and improved way.

Maybe at an uneven pace, government entities from across the world were anyway moving to the cloud as their most crucial step toward digital transformation. While some were at the advanced stages of digital transformation, some were only testing the water. However, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the situation completely. From a “good to have” cloud computing had become a “must-have” for them. The most vital features of the cloud such as agility, scalability, improved efficiency, etc. had become even more crucial due to the disruption caused by the global pandemic. If you look at the data, the Government Cloud Market was valued at USD 22.86 billion in 2020, and the way it is growing it’s expected to reach USD 59.74 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 17.4% over the forecast period (2021 – 2026). The major factors fuelling this growth of the government cloud market, however, are the need for remote access and regulatory compliance as well as the increase in digital content across government bodies. In this article, we will discuss how cloud migration is helping Government Entities in meeting their objectives and digitization goals. So, let’s begin the journey.

1. IT Consolidation

IT consolidation is crucial to increasing operational efficiencies, and this is what Government entities have realized. To reduce the IT ownership cost, they have been federating their server footprints through the cloud. In the same way, data center consolidation has helped them in getting rid of the huge hardware costs as well as the substantial cost incurred due to energy consumption.

2. Security and Compliance

When in the cloud, multiple layers of security protect the services you host on it. All your data is by default encrypted in the cloud. Routine audits are conducted to keep your security measures compliant with the highest level of governance that includes PCI DSS, COS, FISMA, FedRAMP, and DIACAP to name a few. The level of security endowed by the cloud is almost impossible to manage on-premises.

3. Increased Collaboration

Multiple people located in distinct regions working easily on shared documents is one of the top benefits of the cloud. By allowing easy collaborations, cloud computing certainly streamlines the government workflow and enables them to share files more easily and safely than ever before.

4. Cost Reduction

With the cloud, you neither need to invest hugely in hardware and equipment nor in maintaining, updating, and repairing that hardware and equipment. This was one way you save money with the cloud. The other way the cloud allows you to save capital is by providing you with pay-as-you-go-pricing models. In short, it drastically reduces your capital expenditure. It’s only the operational expenditure that you need to bear that is too far more reduced.

5. Scalability

It is a benefit of the cloud which is not specific to any industry, and regardless of your vertical, you enjoy this benefit. The cloud allows you to scale your resources up and down far more easily than you could in your on-premises infrastructure. Unlike, your legacy IT system, where upscaling mostly meant installing new hardware that could go unused most of the time, the cloud allows you to scale up easily to accommodate the seasonal spike up in the traffic and scale down when resources are not in use.

6. Citizen Services

Regardless of whether it is a local, state, or federal government body, several citizen services are provided by them that need the power of the cloud. Let’s say, for instance, providing your citizens with the ability to monitor their water and energy consumption will help them be not only more watchful about their usage but also curb wastage. Cloud computing allows you to provide many such services to your citizens that may including providing them with access to check the status of their requests like loans, applications, etc.

The Final Words

Different government entities globally were forced to not only meet a sudden spike in service demand during the pandemic and the lockdowns caused due to it but also make it happen remotely. As a result, they had to quickly provide remote access to their workforces and create new channels for providing the virtual service delivery that too at scale and in a short period of time. For most, the best solution to this challenge was harnessing the cloud.

It’s not that they didn’t have options. Many opted for solutions like virtual private networks, remote desktops, etc. but those failed in handling the unexpected scale of remote work caused due to the pandemic. On the contrary, the cloud with its features like scalability, agility, flexibility, etc. allowed for a seamless transition to remote work.

Migrate to Cloud with LogicEra!

Of course, migrating to the cloud could be a worthwhile move but don’t forget it is not as easy as it sounds. You must first research well before you jump onto the cloud computing bandwagon. Make sure all your cloud implementations are backed with an effective cloud migration strategy. Just in case you require any supplemental support you can get a cloud consultant on board or hire a Managed Services Provider (MSP). There are several cloud migration service providers that provide cloud services for Government Entities as well. One of the most reputed cloud migration companies in the UK and UAE is LogicEra. The MSP helps you seamlessly and safely migrate your infrastructure to the cloud within the shortest possible time.