November 10, 2022 Blog

TOP 7 Reasons Why LogicEra Leads the Cloud Computing Game

TOP 7 Reasons Why LogicEra Leads the Cloud Computing Game

Getting to the cloud is the story of the past, it is high time that you innovate with the cloud. Businesses have already started embracing the cloud leaving behind the so-called safe haven of their legacy IT infrastructure. Well! There wasn’t much option anyway. How long would they have adjourned digital transformation if they wanted to survive the disruption caused by the rapidly evolving technological landscape? 

However now, they are not only moving to the cloud but even utilizing all sorts of resources they can for that. Most businesses are turning to various Cloud migration companies so that they can stay ahead of the curve by accomplishing a more secure, cost-effective, advanced, seamless, and, of course, innovative cloud migration & management. But then, with dozens of cloud migration companies in the market settling on one could again be an intimidating task. Here are the top 7 reasons why LogicEra is the best in cloud computing. 

1. A Highly Responsive Team

The highly approachable and quick-to-respond team of cloud experts at LogicEra clearly understands the goals of the clients and instead of working on a “one size fits all” strategy, they make a customized strategy depending on the requirements of each client. Whether it is migration or management, the cloud architect works on tailoring them to the client’s needs. Moreover, the team has a more proactive approach to architecture than the break/fix approach. So, before you encounter a problem, it is resolved.  

2. Innovation & Technological Advancements

The team of cloud experts at LogicEra is well-qualified, experienced, and well-equipped to implement and apply new technologies like Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, etc. The DevOps services by LogicEra can enhance AI and develop tech tools. The team works hand-in-hand with the client’s production team yielding great results.

3. 24/7 Support Services

May sound trivial but support services are very important. Imagine getting stuck with a problem at midnight and finding no one to attend it. Apart from helping you build & implement a cloud migration strategy that’s based on a regulated, risk-mitigated approach and robust security foundation, LogicEra offers 24*7 Support & Monitoring. So, whether it is midnight or early morning, LogicEra is only a moment away. Perhaps, these are the reasons why people trust this name whether they need database migration services, legacy modernization, or holistic cloud migration.

4. The Proactive Approach

LogicEra’s team of cloud experts monitors your network proactively for issues and remediates them which results in zero to minimal downtime. Moreover, while you can evade the expensive downtimes, the team of well-seasoned Azure experts guides you through the key technology decisions.

5. Microsoft Azure Gold Partner

Microsoft has set standards for each certification and one who needs to earn it has to undergo several hurdles. Since Gold certification is a higher level of certification, it would have more and more difficult hurdles.  So, meeting the Microsoft standards that are set for the Gold Partner isn’t that easy. If we dig deeper, we get a clearer picture. There should at least be 15 individuals within an organization who should clear the core value tests for their organization to get the Gold Certification. Not just that, 5 of those 15 must pass the specialty test additionally. Even more, the process is repeated every year. 

Therefore, a Microsoft Gold Partner will certainly have the real Azure experts who have not just spent years in the industry like that but the expertise they have gained makes them stand out from the crowd. Moreover, they are highly qualified. Moreover, Microsoft Azure Gold Partners have access to Microsoft Advanced Support and they remain up to date.

6. Free Proof of Concept

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, LogicEra is given access to several product licenses through which the cloud migration company can develop demos and offer their clients proof of concept. It is much like offering the clients a test drive before they go all-in on the Azure solution. You may like the Azure solution offered but to be on the safer side and before putting your money at stake, you can see proof of concept and make the financial commitment accordingly. 

7. Great Deals by LogicEra

LogicEra offers great deals some of which are:

  • Two months free Azure subscription
  • Discounted MS365 licenses

LogicEra is one of the Leading UAE Cloud Service Providers!

Leaving no stone unturned in saving its clients from sticking into the glitches of cloud computing, LogicEra provides the right solution at the right time in the right way irrespective of the various territory of cloud computing like Security, Compliance, DevOps, Automation, and so on. While on the one hand, it helps you have a faster time-to-the-cloud through its tool-based framework, on the other, it helps you always stay ahead of the curve through its sharp agile methodologies.