November 12, 2022 Blog

How Does Cloud Migration help your Education Business? Migrate to the Cloud with LogicEra!

Cloud Migration help Education Business

Welcome to yet another post from our weekly series, which is usually based on how cloud computing helps different verticals in meeting industry-specific challenges and emerging as the winner of the time. In our previous post, we covered cloud migration for the Hospitality industry and discussed how Hospitality businesses are leveraging the power of the cloud to minimize operational cost, improve PMS (Property Management System) access, easily integrate with third-party solutions, enhance operational efficiency, etc. In this post, we will discuss how cloud migration is helping Education businesses by simplifying access to information, reducing IT costs, eliminating geographical constraints, managing content, and much more. 

Factors like IoT, the ubiquity of digital devices, etc. have already made the education businesses get digitally transformed and have accelerated their move to the cloud. However, like many other industries, a large part of the education sector underwent a digital transformation when they were forced to due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has awakened many businesses from sleep. Even those who were reluctant to the cloud migration realized the need of the hour and moved to the cloud. If you look at the data, the Education Sector cloud computing market was valued at USD 15.31 Billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 89.53 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 24.58% from 2020 to 2027

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the top 6 ways in which cloud migration is helping the Education businesses boom high. So, let’s walk through them one by one.

#1: Virtual Classrooms

By allowing educational businesses to have virtual classrooms through cloud-based software, cloud computing has considerably reduced their infrastructural costs. The educational organization can save a fortune that they had to invest in getting regular teachers on board. The cloud allows them to collaborate with expert tutors or trainers who can serve as economical resources by working remotely. Moreover, it’s a win-win for both the teacher and the student. While teachers can impart education online from anywhere, students can learn from anywhere. Thus, it saves time, money, and energy for both parties. 

#2: Elimination of Geographical Constraints

Cloud computing has helped education companies eliminate geographical constraints in the true sense. By making online education happen on a large scale and virtual classes a dream come true, cloud computing has completely changed the game of the education landscape. Whether a kid from the seventh standard needs to attend online classes and access study resources or a working professional wanting to upgrade skills, cloud computing is making them happen, that too seamlessly. 

#3: Ease of Accessibility

By seamlessly and continually delivering the content, the cloud has removed the barriers of time and place. Data, course content, and applications could be accessed by the students anytime and anywhere. Students can also take part in group activities apart from enrolling in courses. By sending the content even on mobile devices, cloud computing is helping students continue learning even on the move.  

#4: Reduced Costs

With the cloud, education companies don’t have to invest hugely in installing, repairing, and maintaining expensive hardware. Moreover, most cloud service providers offer a pay-as-you-go pricing model that helps you save big again. Not just that, the education companies can curtail management costs by streamlining the various processes through the cloud such as enrolment, assignment tracking, etc. This was about the direct cost benefits for the Education providers. The indirect cost benefits involve the presence of learning resources on the cloud due to which the students need not spend money on buying expensive books and applications. The more helpful it is for students, the more willing they will be to attend online education which will in turn bring you more revenue at lower investments.  

#5: Scalability

This one is one of the best advantages of cloud computing for the education sector. Handling growth is not easy with the on-premises IT infrastructure. Education companies very frequently need to scale up resources in case of traffic spikes and usage peaks (E.g. during assignment submission, training registration, etc.) or scale down resources otherwise to prevent resource wastage. With the cloud, scaling up or down the resources is easily possible too with a few clicks only. 

#6: Ultimate Data Security

Most education companies make use of VPN to ensure data security. The outgoing traffic and data are automatically encrypted by VPN protocols like IKEv2. So, they can easily transfer the learning content to the users without putting the integrity of the content at stake.  On the other hand, VPN for cloud-based learning applications can be used by learners to protect their privacy. 

The Final Words

Cloud computing has endless benefits for the education sector as long as they know how to reap those benefits. It is no wonder that the big payers in the education industry are embracing the cloud to enhance the services they deliver. Simultaneously, the cloud is helping even the students bringing more & better returns for education companies indirectly. Students can access the learning resources anytime, anywhere even when they are on their go. Indeed, cloud computing has revolutionized the education industry, and the idea is things will only get bigger and better in the future.

Migrate to Cloud with LogicEra!

Of course, migrating to the cloud could be a worthwhile move but don’t forget it is not as easy as it may seem from the top. You must first research well before you jump onto the cloud computing bandwagon. Make sure all your cloud implementations are backed with an effective cloud migration strategy. Just in case you require any supplemental support you can get a cloud consultant on board or hire a Managed Services Provider (MSP). There are several cloud migration service providers that provide cloud services for Education businesses as well.  One of the most reputed cloud migration companies in the UK and UAE is LogicEra. The MSP helps you seamlessly and safely migrate your infrastructure to the cloud within the shortest possible time.