November 08, 2022 Blog

Major Challenges of Azure and How to Address Them – Part 2

Major Challenges of Azure and How to Address Them – Part 2

In our previous article “Major Challenges of Azure and how to address them – Part 1”, we discussed Azure challenges and ways to combat them. In this article, we will discuss the other 3 challenges of Azure and how to overcome them. The benefits of Azure are unparalleled, especially for businesses that have already invested heavily in other Microsoft products. These are its exceptional benefits that have made Azure become the fastest-growing cloud service provider on the planet. 

However, as you know with great power comes great responsibility and so is the case with Azure as well. Being a flexible and customizable cloud platform, it demands not only the expertise but also the commitment to developing, configuring, and maintaining the cloud environment. But then, if you are already aware of its challenges and resolutions to those challenges, the path of Azure migration and management becomes smoother for you. For your help, here are the 3 more challenges of Azure as well as ways for overcoming those challenges: 

Challenge#5: Complex and Large Migrations

Based on the type of systems you are moving to the Azure cloud, you must conduct thorough research and an appropriate level of planning before you move them to the cloud. Whether it is the entire database infrastructure that you are moving to the cloud or only a part of it, proper planning is critical to smooth migration and functioning of your databases, applications, & services in Azure. 

Some very helpful resources are provided by Microsoft irrespective of the size of the migration that includes references for planning, modernizing, and optimizing your migration.  Overall, the documentation provided by them can help you in the pre-planning stages while you try to get your arms around what you have envisaged. However, when the projects are complex, you need careful planning, staggered timelines for migration, and methodical follow-through to make sure that the plans are implemented successfully. An all-hands-on-deck initiative, it can take several months or even years.  

Challenge#6: Application Modernization

Though initially you are mainly concerned with getting your Azure infrastructure up and running while migrating to it so that your workforce starts capitalizing on its benefits as soon as possible. However, you need to be prepared for what comes further down the road. With the technology landscape evolving fast, you may find a modernization project on the card. Though this challenge may not haunt you in the present, the time to prepare for it is now. So, get the right resources, partners, and people on board to deal with the changes to come.

Challeneg#7: Integrations

Azure is a versatile platform and offers extensive integration capabilities. However, the challenge arises in managing the integration points and tracking the details when you try to integrate all the pieces whether they are tools, applications, or services. To confirm that all the dots are connected thoroughly and you don’t have to deal with the potential issues when you go live, you need to plan, track and test the integration comprehensively. The challenge can be even bigger if you are building a hybrid environment.

To help you streamline the integration and reduce the time & effort you put into it, Azure offers various tools like Service Bus, Logic Apps, API Management, etc. Though Azure offers ripe hybrid capabilities, the right process must be built for taking advantage of manpower and technological resources if you want to keep all your ducks in a row.

The Final Words

The software, platform, and infrastructure as a service offering of Azure make it go well with businesses of almost any size. Still, there are challenges associated with it, combatting which needs thorough research, in-depth insights, the right approach, meticulous planning, and smart executions. Though Azure offers support services as well, however, they are too complex for those who lack technical expertise. But then, you can discard all your worries as there are various reputed cloud migration service providers that not only provide cloud migration solutions but also cloud management services. If you are looking for cloud migration services in the UAE, you can collaborate with them and get benefitted from their resourceful expertise.