Rise of Cloud Computing October 13, 2022
The Rise of Cloud Computing in the UAE

The past decade has witnessed an exponential increase in the use of cloud computing in the UAE region and this growth is seeing an upward trend in the present too. Almost every sector in the UAE is...

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Move to the Cloud Amid Pandemic October 11, 2022
Small Business? Why Move to the Cloud Amid Pandemic

Coronavirus or the novel covid19 has forced a lot of businesses to change their business models, has accelerated the digital transformation – faster than ever and made users accept the ‘new digital reality...

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Cloud Migration Journey October 09, 2022
4 Testing Conditions to Ensure a Successful Cloud Migration Journey

The decision to migrate to the cloud is critical and depends on various factors and infrastructure requirements. We’ve listed the details on cloud migration in our last article. In this article we’ll cover the...

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Cloud Migration For Logistics Business October 07, 2022
How Does Cloud Migration help your Logistics Business : Migrate to Cloud with LogicEra

Logistic innovators look forward to getting rid of the rigid legacy on-prem applications and adapt a modern, flexible, end-to-end solution that matches the fast pace and the dynamics of the business...

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Reduce Cloud Migration Risk and Cost October 05, 2022
How to Reduce the Risk and Cost associated with Cloud Migrations

Cloud is the future. Most businesses have either migrated to the cloud or are planning to migrate. It is important to be mindful of the risks involved and keep the costs optimized...

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Top Most Cloud Platforms and Solutions October 03, 2022
Top Most Cloud Platforms and Solutions in 2024

2020 swiftly turned around the majority of predictions and projections. Even though technologies and trends such as Azure, AWS, Artificial intelligence and the internet of things will still define 2021 and...

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Migrate To Cloud October 01, 2022
Migrate To Cloud on Your Terms – Access Your Data Anywhere

Ideally, you don’t have much choice other than migrating to the cloud. One day or the other you will have to come out of your comfort zones and leave your heritage application infrastructure behind in the hunt...

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cloud-it-services-in-dubai September 30, 2022
Machine Learning is Helping To StopSecurity Breaches With Threat Analytics

Machine learning is enabling threat analytics to deliver greater precision regarding the risk context of privileged users’ behavior, creating notifications of risky activity in real time, while also being able to actively...

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What is Microsoft Azure and How Does It Work? September 28, 2022
What is Microsoft Azure and How Does It Work?

Businesses are relentlessly shifting their enterprise IT budget to cloud-based alternatives like Microsoft Azure and the reasons are as evident as they could be. Whether it is pay-as-you-go pricing or on-demand...

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Best Practices for Successful Cloud Migrations September 26, 2022
Prepare your Business for what’s next -Best Practices for successful cloud migrations

Moving to the cloud is indeed a big step and though has various benefits, the journey could be intimidating if you don’t follow the right guidelines. Whether it is just one workload that you are moving on the...

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